PESSI Ordinance
Punjab Employees' Social Security (PESS) Ordinance, 1965 Download
The Punjab Employees' Social Security (Amendment) Ordinance, 2021 Download
PESSI Budget, 2021-22 Download
Minimum Wages Notification Download
PESSI Rules & Regulations
Staff Instructions Volume -1 Download
Staff Instructions Volume -2 Download
Staff Instructions Volume -3 Download
PESSI Servants (Medical Attendance) Regulations, 1967 Download
PESSI (Medical Advisors Qualifications) Rules, 1966 Download
PESSI Servants (Medical Attendance) Rule, 1967 Download
PESSI (Time and Places for the Meetings of Governing Body and Disqualificaitons of Members of the Governing Body Owing Contributions to the Institution, 1967 Download
PESSI (Financial Powers of the Commissioner and other Officers), 2019 Download
PESSI (Occupational Diseases) Regulations, 1967 Download
PESSI Amendment Act, 2013 Download
PESSI (Revised) Service Regulations, 2008 Download
Punjab Employees Social Security Institution Pension Regulations, 2003 Download
Pay Scales & Allowance Regulations, 2002 Download
PESSI Service Regulations, 1973 Download
Administrative & other Service Matters Powers of Commissioner & other Officer Regulations, 1973 Download
Determination of Manner & Time for deciding complaints & disputes and review of Decisions Regulations, 1973 Download
Financial Powers of Commissioner & other Officers Regulations, 1973 Download
Medical Practitioners and Medical Boards Appointments and Functions Regulation, 1967 Download
Contribution Regulations, 1967 Download
Contribution Rules, 1966 Download
Appointment of members of Governing Body Rules, 1966 Download
Benefits Rules, 1966 Download
Financial & Accounting Rules, 1965 Download
Travelling Allowance Regulations Download
Procurement Of Supplies And Property Regulations,1967 Continue Download
Benefits Regulations, 1967 Download
Actuarial Present Values Regulations, 1967 Download
Important Forms
Domestic Worker Registration Form (Annex-A) Download
Domestic Worker Registration Form (Annex-B) Download
Domestic Worker Registration Form (A) (Urdu) Download
Domestic Worker Registration Form (B) (Urdu) Download
Job Application Form Download
Establishment Registration Form Download
Declaration Form for Employer of Establishment Download
Application Form for MBBS Admission Download
R-2 Form Download
R-3 Form Download
R-5 Card Download
B-3 Form Download
B-5 Form Download
B-7 Form Download
Biyan-e-Halfi Download
Contribution Certificate Download
Income Support Form Download
Medical Fitness Certificate Download
SOPs Regarding Verification of Employement Injury Download
PCA Outcome Questioner Download
Guideline for Provider Compliance Assessment (PCA) Download